David Hamilton

David Hamilton – began his further education at Winstanley College, Wigan, in 2010 before embarking on a Chemistry degree at the University of York, UK. After three years of undergraduate study in York, he spent the final year of his MChem working in the discovery group at Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, UK. It was here that he developed a real interest in the application of organic chemistry to the medicinal setting, having particular interest in the multidisciplinary nature of the field. In 2016 he secured a PhD position on the FragNet project, working on the development of small 3D aliphatic rings for use in fragment based drug discovery, under the supervision of Dr Maikel Wijtmans and Prof. Iwan de Esch at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. He is also a keen badminton player and runner, and other personal interests include languages (Spanish, and hopefully Dutch), travelling, films, reading, equality and the outdoors.

Project: ESR 1: 3D Fragments with small aliphatic rings
Academic supervisors: Dr. Maikel Wijtmans and prof. dr. Iwan de Esch (VU University Amsterdam)

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