2018-August: Host Organisation RCNS (HU)

The third FragNet workshop was held in Budapest from September 9-14, 2018. The workshops were held at the Research Center for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Day 1: Scientific conference on FBDD case studies. Various practitioners in FBDD gave their experiences working with the FBDD approach. Spekers included John Christopher from Heptares, Gergely Makara from Chempass, Jens Carlsson from Uppsala University, Ian Storer from AstraZeneca, Mike Hann from GlaxoSmithkline and Dennis Fiegen from Boehringer Ingelheim. FragNet partners such as Rod Hubbard (Vernalis), Greg Siegal (Zobio) and Wolfgang Jahnke (Novartis) also gave talks.

Day 2: Progress updates by ESRs. Educational talks were also given by Csaba Szantay from Gedeon Richter on “What makes a good researcher?”

Day 3: Progress updates by ESRs. Workshops were given by Rod Hubbard and Mike Hann on fragment hit characterisation.

Day 4: Research training on fragment optimization. Talks were given by Gyorgy Ferenczy (RCNS), Helena Danielson (Beactica) and Greg Makara (Chempass). 

Day 5: Transferable skills wokrshop on career development. ESRs talked about future career goals, scenarios and options with the faciliation of TMI international coach Janos B. Kiss. ESRs worked on their career development plan.

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