Lena Munzker

Lena Münzker – is the Marie Curie PhD Fellow in the Fragnet program under the supervision of Dr. Wolfgang Jahnke and Dr. Andreas Marzinzik in the Center of Proteomic Chemistry at Novartis Basel. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of Vienna in 2015. During her studies, Lena Münzker did a 6-month internship on the synthesis of oligosaccharides at SynphaBase in Switzerland and carried out her Master’s Project in Prof. Paul Robert Hansen’s lab at the University of Copenhagen. In her Master thesis, she reported the successful on-resin synthesis of macrocyclic peptides via intramolecular halide displacement and applied the strategy on the synthesis of lipidated cyclic and bicyclic antimicrobial peptides. After finishing her studies, she took the opportunity to join Prof. Nathanael Gray’s lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and learned new techniques and methods in the field of protein kinase inhibitors. She will combine and expand her experience in her PhD project, which comprises structural biophysics and fragment-based drug discovery to identify novel inhibitors of the Trypanosomal cruzi FPPS for the treatment of Chagas’ Disease.

Project: ESR14: Targeting allosteric pockets with FBLD
Industrial supervisors: Dr. Andreas Marzinzik and Dr. Wolfgang Jahnke (Novartis)

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