IOTA Pharmaceuticals

IOTA has structurally diverse fragment libraries for initiating discovery programs. In addition, application of advanced rapid screening techniques leads to fast identification of specific, active pharmacophores. IOTA has also considerable experience in developing focused medicinal chemistry approaches based on active fragments and their associated pharmacophores, making the design, synthesis and optimization of early stage leads a relatively rapid and precise process. For more details of their capabilities, see

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Staff involved in this project:
Dr. David Bailey


Dr. David Bailey (PhD) (m) – CEO of IOTA has expertise in company leadership (Pfizer, Incyte) and has been involved in structure-based drug design (De Novo Pharmaceuticals) and fragment-based approaches for many years.

Dr. Paul England

Dr. Paul England (PhD) (m) – CSO of IOTA, has 25 years of experience of drug discovery in both big pharma (SmithKline Beecham) and biotech (Aurora, Vertex).

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FRAGNET Coordinator
VU University Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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