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FragNet is set up to provide young researchers (Early Stage Researchers - ESRs) with dedicated training. The ESRs were trained as a cohort in the following network-wide FragNet workshops with the aim of educating and training the next generation of FBLD researchers who will need a multidisciplinary and intersectoral skill set.




Workshop 1: University of York, United Kingdom (September 2019) 
FragNet Kick-off Meeting, Overview of fragment-base drug discovery

Workshop 2: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 2017) 
Synthetic Chemistry, Drug Discovery Simulation

Workshop 3: University of Barcelona, Spain (January 2018)
Computational Methods

Workshop 4: Research Centre for Natural Sciences-Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary (August 2018) 
ead Optimisation

Workshop 5: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (February 2019)  
Presentations at the 7th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting

Workshop 6: Novartis, Switzerland (June 2019)
Dissemination, Transferable Skills


All workshops share the same three elements:
1) progress meeting - exchange of latest results, updates (together with supervisors and PIs);
2) training on scientific topics, including practical courses;
3) training on transferable skills.

Contact details

Please contact us at:

FRAGNET Coordinator
VU University Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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