Edward Fitzgerald

Edward Fitzgerald – has recently obtained an M.Sc in medical biotechnology with thesis work carried out at the Wyss Institute, Harvard University. His project focused on incorporating human cells into a novel microfluidic chip or “Organ-On-A-Chip” to develop a human model of the blood-brain barrier. Upon completion Edward was awarded a fellowship to continue his research at Harvard working on novel therapeutic strategies and drug delivery across the brain. Prior to this Edward a native of Ireland conducted his undergraduate studies at the National University of Ireland Galway where he received a B.Sc(Hons) in biopharmaceutical chemistry. During that time he worked on a computational drug discovery project at The Complex Carbohydrate Research Centre, University of Georgia USA. Currently Edward is interested in epigenetic drug targets for the central nervous system.

Project: ESR6: FBLD experimental methods
Industrial supervisor: Prof Helena Danielson (Beactica, Uppsala University)

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