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24 M27b34aaedia Labs, founded by Max Bingham in 2010, is a privately held science communications consultancy. Services include end-to-end science communications planning and execution, academic/scientific writing and editorial services (e.g. for grants, manuscripts, books, reports, magazines, brochures, websites, PR etc.) and outreach campaigns that include social media and other communication channels. Clients include top universities, international organisations and NGOs, other creative agencies and many major industrial clients that are looking for clear, accessible content and communications with a science focus. Training services are available in these areas.



Website link: 24 Media Labs


Staff involved in this project:

Dr. Max Bingham

Dr. Max Bingham has 14 years of experience in science communications, writing and editorial, in parallel with 10 years experience as research scientist in academia and industry (Unilever) and 4 years as founder of 24MLabs.